Since the beginning of mankind, Darkness has tried to settle over the Earth, to make men despair. His grip powerful, devastating. He roams the land, looking for who he can devour - men, women and children - barricading their souls inside prisons of hopelessness. 

But there are things Darkness doesn’t know, or perhaps he pretends not to. Darkness does not have the power.

Light will always defeat Him. Courage will always chase Him.
Love will always win.


In the 17th Chapter of Luke, it is written, ‘For the Kingdom of God is within you.’ And so no matter what darkness might threaten to settle on this world in your world, God’s Kingdom is in you.  Therefore You, have the power.

We, the people, fight for justice.
We, the people, stand for truth.
We, the people, live with hope.
We, the people, will be the change.
We, the people, have the power.









Q: What is the schedule of the conference?

A: Main sessions are scheduled for: 9:00am, 11:00am and 7:00pm. The morning sessions are scheduled to finish by 12.30pm with onsite activities provided from 2:00pm-5:00pm each day. The evening sessions are scheduled to finish at 9.30pm.


Q: Does the conference start in the morning?

A: No. Conference starts on Monday night in Townsville and Wednesday night in Brisbane.


Q: When do registrations open up?

A: Registrations open up at 4.00PM on the opening day and then they open up at 8.30AM for morning sessions and 6.00PM for evening sessions


Q: What Accommodation is included?

A: Accommodation will be a Tent City on the oval next to Citipointe Church carpark (BNE Conference ONLY). Accommodation will be in classrooms (both BNE and TSV Conferences). Boys and Girls will be in separate sections or different rooms. There is a separate area available for groups of young adults aged over 18. Any leaders from local youth ministries staying onsite with their groups will be required to have a blue card.


Q: When can I arrive to setup my accommodation?

A: You can arrive to set-up tenting or dorm bedding from 4.00pm (when registrations open)


Q: If I have purchased accommodation, can I stay on the Friday night to depart on the Saturday morning?

A: Yes you can, but please notify our accommodation co-ordinator of this so they are aware of who is staying onsite (


Q: What does Catering include?

A: Budget Catering includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the full days of the conference. Catering is NOT included on the first night of the conference (Monday night in Townsville; Wednesday night in Brisbane).


Q: Is Budget Accommodation and Catering registration still available?

A: Budget Catering and Accommodation closed on November 30. Any further queries around this can be directed to ‘’


Q: Do I have to purchase a conference registration if I purchase the ‘budget catering’ or ‘budget accommodation’ registration?

A: To purchase a catering and/or accommodation ticket, you MUST also purchase a registration. Catering/accommodation tickets do NOT permit you into the conference - only conference registrations do.


Q: Are individual day and/or night registrations available?

A: Yes. There are individual day and/or night registrations available for purchase. They will be available online on the week leading into conference and also available to purchase ‘at the door’. A single night registration is $20 and a full day/night registration is $50.


Q: Are registrations refundable?

A: Registrations are NOT refundable. Event dates & venues are subject to change at the discretion of Youth Alive QLD without refund.


Q: I have purchased my registration but I have not received an email yet, what do I do??

A: If you don't receive your tickets within the next 24 hours from purchase, please check your "SPAM or Junk Mail". If they are not in either of those locations, please contact our office at